Function Of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant in India

The main function of asphalt drum mix plant is controlled heating and mixing of the aggregate. Our asphalt plant is highly used for manufacturing varied combination of aggregates with sand and stone dust in the correct proportions. The aggregates, asphalt, and the mineral fillers are fed continuously in the rotating drum that delivers a regular production of the hot mix plant.

After that they are transferred by the conveyor from the cold aggregate feeder bins to the rotary drum. The burner dried the aggregate, and then heated aggregates, finally coated with a binder like bitumen or tar. All mixture is transferred from the drum to vehicles by the load out conveyor. The feeder bins, pumping unit with bitumen tank, and the filler unit are synchronized to maintain proper proportion of the hot mix ingredients. The dust is gathered by the dust collector, and moved over the pollution control unit, before it discharges tothe environment

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