We are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in An Asphalt Hot Mix Plant, referred to as an Asphalt Mixing Plant maker, is a structure that manufactures hot mix asphalt (HMA). It is a collection of equipment intended to heat, dry, and combine materials and oil to create asphalt concrete for a variety of construction applications such as road construction and maintenance.

Hot Asphalt Mix Depending on the project requirements, plants range in size from small moveable plants to big fixed facilities. They are essential in the construction sector because they provide high-quality asphalt mixtures for permanent and smooth road surfaces.

Key Components of Asphalt Hot Mix Plant:

  • Cold Aggregate Feeder: It is made up of individual boxes that store and mix various sizes of aggregates including stone, sand, and fill. The crushed stones are sent to the dry drum by the feeding.
  • Drying Drum: This is a rotating conical drum that heats and dries the particles. The drum is outfitted with flame units that create the required energy. The aggregates are warmed by the burning flame and burning gases as they travel through the drum, eliminating moisture.
  • Hot Aggregate Elevator: It requires dry materials from the dripping drum to the vibrating screen for more processing.

Types of Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Manufacturer

  • Batch Mix Plant
  • Drum Mix Plant
  • Counterflow Drum Mix Plant
  • Parallel Flow Drum Mix Plant
  • Mobile Asphalt Plant
  • Stationary Asphalt Plant
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