Asphalt Plant Components

We are offering Asphalt plants Components manufacture asphalt for use in a variety of construction projects such as roads, highways, and parking lots. They are formed up of a number of essential elements that work along to change the basic materials into hot mix asphalt.

These are the primary parts of an asphalt factory. Different machinery and processes may be included in the asphalt production process, based on the particular structure and capacity of the facility.

Types of Asphalt Plant Components

  • Cold Feed Bins: These are big boxes or hoppers that hold materials like sand and gravel, as well as and crushed stone. The introduction of builds up into the plant is directed by gates in the cold feed bins.
  • Conveyor System: A conveyor system delivers materials from the cold feed bins to the drying drum. It enables a constant regulated flow of materials.
  • Drying Drum: The particles are heated and processed in the drying drum. It is a centred cylinder with a burner system that supplies sufficient heat. As the stones pass through the drying drum, moisture goes away, allowing them to be mixed with asphalt cement.
  • Burner System: The burner system is in charge of sending the heat essential to dry the stones in the drying drum. To generate heat, it typically employs fuels such as natural gas, diesel, or heavy oil.
  • Hot Aggregate Elevator: A hot material elevator transports the dried materials from the drying drum to the vibrate screen or hot bins. This lift guarantees that aggregates are safely shipped to the next level.
  • Vibrating Screen: The boiled materials are separated into different sizes by the vibrating screen. To produce the correct grading of the final asphalt mix, it consists of many layers of screens with varying mesh sizes.
  • Hot Bins: The hot bins are short-term storing containers for different-sized particles before they combine with the asphalt binder. They feature gates at the bottom to limit aggregate discharge.
  • Asphalt Binder Storage Tanks: These tanks hold the asphalt binder, which is an oily substance that acts as a binding agent in the asphalt mix. The binder can be maintained at high temperatures to maintain it liquid for optimum mixing.
  • Weighing System: A wide range of metering devices are used in an asphalt factory to correctly measure the amount of minerals, asphalt binder, and other additives. These procedures are critical in order to produce an identical and high-quality asphalt mix.
  • Asphalt Mixing Unit: The heated materials and asphalt binder are mixed in the proper quantities by the mixing unit. based on the type of plant, it could be a twin-shaft pugmill mixer or a drum mixer. The mixing instrument ensures that all the parts are properly incorporated to generate an equal asphalt mix.
  • Storage Silos: During the making of the asphalt mix, it is stored in storage silos to keep it hot and ready for transport. The number and the capacity of the silos varies relative to the plant's abilities.
  • Control System: Current asphalt manufacturing plants have been equipped with powerful control systems that monitor and adjust several variables such as temperature, moisture, and material proportions. These approaches aid in ensuring the retention of asphalt mix quality and consistency.
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