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Since Vinayak equipment originates, it is renowned for manufacturing and exporting a wide gamut of road construction equipments and machineries. Our company achieved top ranking position in national and international market by means of total approach to the requirements and problems of the road construction industry and an earnest commitment to provide automation excellence in asphalt drum mix plant and asphalt batch mix plant.


All These plants are manufactured according to M.O.R.T.H (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway) Specification in India. We got appreciation for offering asphalt mixing plant with portable/mobile asphalt drum mixing plant, asfalto planta de mezcla por lotes by the customers from the contractors in domestic & international market due to Noble Quality, Average Basic Price, Economical Performance at the site, Less Maintenance Price & Timely Services provided by us.

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Test Equipment and Facilities

We have a best manufacturing facility equipped with varied technologically advanced machinery and equipment that allows us to manufacture quality products as per the client’s specification underneath the given time constraint. Apart from this, to make sure the quality standards of products and processes, every stage is monitored from R & D to Design and customization.

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